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By Treating Subjectivity Objectively, We Master It - F. Wilczek

I am a postgraduate student in Computing with specialism in Machine Learning at the Imperial College London. Before that I completed a Master of Science degree in Data Science at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and an Economics undergrad at the University of Cologne. Beginning in October 2018, I will join the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin as a Computational Neuroscience intern.


During my time as an  Econ undergrad I have worked as a student research assistant for Prof. Alex Ludwig (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Prof. Helge Braun (University of Cologne). The projects mainly focused on public policy evaluation and the intersection of retirement and unemployment insurance systems. I developed a fascination for data wrangling and the computational aspects of Economics, Cognitive Sciences and Decision Making. This led to an amazing deep dive into Data Science in Barcelona. Intrigued by Gabor Lugosi's course of statistical learning theory I decided to further deepen my Machine Learning skills in London. 


At the moment my interest focuses on Bayesian Deep Learning and Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning. In my future work I intend to further strengthen the beautiful bilateral relationship between Machine Learning and Cognitive Neuroscience. Especially,  I want to deeper understand the neural correlates of Reinforcement Learning as well as ways in which the neural credit assignment problem is solved.


Robert Tjarko Lange

Regina-Kaufmann-Weg 1| 50354 Hürth | Germany


Some Facts About My Person

Hi there! I am Robert, 23 years old and currently Berlin-based. I am originally from the north of Germany but lived and have spend some time studying in Cologne, Barcelona and London. Besides a passion for cognitive computational neuroscience and all aspects of intelligence, I love photography, traveling the world and hot-water bottles. If you have a feeling that we share at least one of these, just contact me!